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About Us

01 Jan, 2017

About Us

Did you know fashion is the second most environmentally damaging industry in the world?


And what if we told you that less than 2% of global apparel workers receive a fair, living wage and that the $10 shirt you are wearing was most likely made under drastically unfair, potentially life threatening working conditions? You wouldn’t feel so great, right?


The truth is, our everyday lifestyle choices are unknowingly putting the lives of others and of this planet at risk.


We hear about the nightmare working conditions in Bangladesh and the crises of the pollution caused from factories but rarely do we ever put two and two together with the realisation that it is ‘us’ who are keeping these practices in place and upholding these archaic ways of doing business.


But it doesn’t have to be like this.


Our world today is filled with an abundance of choice and information, where our new world currency is ideas. So latch onto this one, we (us and you) can change this, we can be the generation who put this right, who change the way business is done and how we consume. This idea can be applied to any area of your life but for us it’s to do with fashion and mainly your basics, those everyday essential pieces you just can’t do fashion (or life!!) without.


A simple idea that can make a world of difference.


There are an estimated 2 billion t-shirts sold a year. That’s a lot… and much more than any other single fashion item. So doesn’t it make sense to start there? The area where the most is consumed? What if we could make a dent there, in the area where a huge majority of fashion production is done, don’t you think that could make a world of difference?


Think about it.


So, if you were given the choice between a super nice t-shirt from a designer brand that looked cool, fell just right and was super, super soft OR a super nice t-shirt from a brand with a designer pedigree that looked cool, fell just right, was super, super, super soft AND SUSTAINABLY MADE, you would choose the sustainable one, right?


We hope so.

And that’s what our mission is: To replace everyday fashion basics with sustainably made alternatives.


So, what does sustainable mean to us? It means looking at our production process from a holistic perspective and taking into account everything that goes into it and everything that comes out; the people, the plants, the chemicals, and the list goes on... There is no one universal solution for sustainability. There is no one right answer. What there is, is an understanding that true progression in this industry must be done through equal parts environmental, social and economic… and for us FASHION.


But that’s enough for now… we’ll leave this little introduction to us here before our diatribe turns into a doctoral thesis. Just know this…


“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” – Mahatma Gandhi 




SUCO is for the farmers, the labourers, the children and their families, the machinists, knitters, label makers, dye technicians; it’s for the planet and it’s for you.



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