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Our t shirts are made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

There are no synthetic pesticides, GMO's or hazardous toxic chemicals used during our cotton production.

By choosing to grow cotton organically, the farms in our supply chain can remineralise their soil and restore its natural health. As there are no hazardous chemicals in the soil, it can also be used to grow food crops and provide additional sources of income to the farmers and their families.

Our t shirts are treated with non-toxic dyes and washes that are certifiably free from any harmful toxic chemicals, carcinogens, allergens, azo dyes, heavy metals as well as thousands of other potentially harmful additives.

All people involved in our supply chain, from the farms though to the factories are certified to have been paid a fair, living wage under working conditions that meet the International Labour Organisation's Core Labour Standards. These farms and factories are spot checked throughout the year to ensure they maintain these standards and can keep their certifications attesting to it.

All farms and factories throughout our supply chain have progressive environmental policies in place to safeguard them from causing harm to the planet such as ensuring all water leaving any plant has been treated so that it can safely rejoin water systems without polluting it or damaging the surrounding ecosystem and that any chemicals used are sent to special treatment plants to ensure they are neutralised or disposed of in a safe way.

Our SUSTAINABILITEES have been produced in a way that is beneficial for both people and the planet. 



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